John D'Addario


John D’Addario's family has been shaping the music industry since the 1670s, when Donato D’Addario began crafting strings by hand. Following in this legacy, John's father pioneered synthetic substitutes post-World War II, revolutionizing string design. In 1974, John, along with his father John Sr. and brother Jim, introduced a new brand of strings, establishing a factory in Lynbrook, New York. NAMM captured a second interview with John, his son John (J3) and Jim to celebrate D’Addario’s anniversary in 2024, showcasing the enduring impact of their string company. Committed to music education, John and his family also founded the D’Addario Foundation, supporting programs worldwide. With a mission to provide global access to music education, the foundation has partnered with more than 700 programs across 54 countries, fostering a shared passion for music, the universal language.