John Maier


Oral History Information

John Maier had parents that were both singers and would often hang out at the theater where his parents would perform. He used to get in trouble for tapping his pencil during tests and would have to take his test outside of the classroom – early signs of a promising drummer! After developing a love for the drums, John started working at Jeff’s Drum Shop in Illinois where he would teach and sell drum kits. He was intrigued by the music products industry and pursued that interest in Chicago, where he worked for Gand Music & Sound and eventually took a job as a road rep. This experience had a big impact on John, and he would go on to develop a computer system for road reps long before other firms were using computers. Since his time as a road rep, John has worked and consulted for companies such as Alesis, Guitar Center, TC Electronic, Blue Microphones and Logitech. John has never forgotten his roots, and always has his drum kit set up in his office, mic’d up and ready to go!