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Joy Hood Weaver is widely known for her 1977 gospel album Jesus Is The Cornerstone, which served as an influence for Contemporary Christian artists who followed. The album, recorded at LeFevre Sound Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, by engineer Stan Dacus, was followed by a live appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. Joy began winning contests as a vocalist at a very young age, including the Freddie Miller Talent Contest when she was just 13 years old. She sang on several early television programs including the Georgia Jubilee with future stars Ray Stevens and Jerry Reed. She had a hit recording of Mary Stovall’s “So In Love” in 1958, and even wrote a few of her own songs including “The Boy Down the Street” for her future husband Jerry Weaver. All throughout her life Joy brought comfort and happiness to thousands by singing in church. One of her personal highlights was traveling to the Holy Land and singing “Let There Be Peace On Earth.”