Lane Zastrow


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Former President
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Heritage Guitars

Lane Zastrow was playing professionally and even teaching music as a teenager.  His main instrument was the accordion!  After years on the road, Lane made his way into the print world.  In 1967, Lane joined Sight & Sound, which was owned by Zeb Billings.  He later worked for the famed Chicago Musical Instruments (CMI) and in fact was the last person hired by the founder, MH Berlin. His territory was mostly in the east, including New York.  Lane enjoyed working with the company even when his area of focus changed to keyboards and becoming, first, regional sales manager and then national sales manager.  He enjoyed the challenges of the changing positions.  In 1976, he took on the Gibson brand and moved into the Executive Vice President position until the company was sold and moved to Nashville.  At that time he remained in the Gibson factory building with a few key builders who were reluctant to move due to deep family roots in Kalamazoo, so they opened Heritage Guitars.