Lisa Silver


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Songwriter, Backup Singer

Lisa Silver likes to joke that in country bands she plays the fiddle, and in classical music performances she plays the violin. Yet she is talking about her one instrument! Her father was a high school music teacher in Detroit, Michigan, where he was trained in Classical Music. As a teenager she developed a love of Country music and joined a honky-tonk band, which in 1972 moved to Nashville in search of their big break. There Lisa was hired by Buddy Spicher and began working in recording studios as both a violinist and vocalist. As a backup vocalist Lisa can be heard on such 1970s hits as England Dan & John Ford Coley’s “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” and Dr. Hook’s big hit “Sharing the Night Together.” Lisa met Clayton Ivey, who she would later marry, when he co-produced an album on her vocal trio, the Cherry Sisters. She co-wrote several songs with Dave Loggins, including “Forty Hour Week, which was a Grammy-nominated hit for Alabama.