Lori Supinie


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Former President
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Senseney Music

Lori Supinie was an active music maker since she was a child. Throughout her life she provided music and music lessons to others as well as being a strong leader within the music products industry. She began working for Senseney Music in Kansas and soon took an active role in the store’s community activities and educational programs. With a love for print music, Lori also oversaw the store’s sheet music department and was encouraged by the store’s founder, Denny Senseney, to become as active in industry meetings as he was. Lori joined NASMD as well as RPMDA for which she served on the board in many functions, including as president in 2009. Upon Denny’s retirement, Lori purchased the Senseney Music Company. Her attention to details and passion for the industry was not only been a benefit to her store but to all those she worked with over the years.