Louisa Buchanan


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Managing Director
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National Music

Louisa Buchanan, hailing from Queensland, Australia, was immersed in music from a young age, mastering the organ at 6 and piano by 12. Alongside her musical journey, she honed her skills as a songwriter and developed a keen interest in sheet music. When a local music store opened, she revolutionized its sheet music department and doubled sales despite being unpaid. Classically trained, Louisa could relate to customers wanting to purchase a musical instrument and she became a leader in sales of Lowrey and Roland products. Pursuing her passion, she studied musicology at the local university before embarking on a successful career in music publishing. Louisa spent a decade leading the team at Alfred Australia, eventually becoming General Manager. Transitioning to GMI Distribution in 2006, she continued to excel in her field as Business Development Manager for National Music Australia. She is currently Managing Director at National Music, where Louisa’s renowned for her expertise in team building and leadership.