Lynn Reeder


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Vice President
Company Name
Rovner Products

Lynn Reeder did not become actively involved in music until her mid-40’s after receiving a gift certificate for voice lessons from her husband George and son Alex, although an avid listener throughout her life! Those lessons resulted in 13 years of musical performance, singing in a women’s choral group and in the Reeders’ 10-piece band. A self-professed “creative type” Lynn worked as a designer and manufacturer in the hobby and needlecraft industry and published multiple instruction books. When the Reeders became involved in new product development for Rovner Products in 2008 prior to purchasing the company in 2014, her writing and artistic abilities found a new direction as she focused on the advertising and marketing of the company’s ligatures and woodwind accessories, while also developing warm relationships with the educators and broad range of players who enjoy the benefits of the company’s products.