Marietta Robison


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Cannonball Musical Instruments

Marietta Robison was living next door to Sheryl and Tevis Laukat in 1996 when the couple approached her for help with their idea to start an instrument company. With a strong background in accounting, Marietta was intrigued by the idea and from the very beginning of the business, which would become Cannonball Musical Instruments, she served as the CFO and Controller. She took part in the growth of the company and takes great pride in helping form the family feeling by being encouraging and supportive to the staff. When the company faced challenges, such as during the early stage of the pandemic of 2020, Marietta applied her motto that this is the time to be innovative, just as the company has always been. Cannonball did just that by addressing the concerns of the customers during that time by developing new and innovative ways to support music programs.