Massimo Dolce


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Lyon & Healy Corporation

Massimo Dolce was born in Italy and became his family’s first musician when he studied piano at the age of nine. He focused on business management in school with his driving passion for music always a part of his life. In the late 1990s he moved to Chicago writing music for jingles while performing in the evenings. While working at Kagan & Gaines Music as Store Manager for 15 years, Massimo acquired many skills he would use later in his career including training the store’s sales team and marketing. In 2017 he answered an advertisement for an opening at Lyon & Healy. The iconic music company, which was established in 1864 and known for its slogan “everything known in music,” was looking to expand their brands. Over the years their focus narrowed to a few products including their flagship instrument the harp. However, when Massimo was hired the management sought to return to offering a wider range of instruments as a distributor, and so Massimo’s dream job was born. The brands he has helped shepherd include Paoletti Guitars, Red Sound speakers and Dophix effects pedals.