Michael Jago


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Managing Director/Owner
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Link Audio Australia

Michael Jago has always had a great deal of respect for music retailers and can boast of working with several over his long career. He started retail with one of his early mentors in the music business, Paul Hayward and later moved to the famous Australian music store chain Brash’s Music. He was later introduced to the world of wholesaling initially with Electric Factory, which is the company that brought a young 20-year-old Michael to his first NAMM Show (he has a great story of seeing Dimebag Darrell at the show). Soon after he moved to New Zealand and ran the Electric Factory operations there for 5 years. In 2015, Michael started his own wholesale company Link Audio, and today he also serves as the Treasurer on the committee of Australian Music Association (AMA), and assists their efforts in music education for all ages.