Mike Lawson


Mike Lawson always wanted to become a musician as a child. The process was not easy as his family could not afford an instrument for him, but his desire was always strong. He worked hard to earn the money when he was a little older, cutting grass and other odd jobs, and finally purchased a guitar. Along the way he studied music magazines and books to learn all he could about the gear and the art of being a musician. Those experiences provided Mike with a unique perspective which he used when creating books aimed to serve musicians. Mike worked for and later purchased Mix Books and later In Print in order to publish an expanded list of how-to books for musicians, including titles that addressed home recordings for beginners and the very popular Roger Nichols Recording Method. He proudly served on the TI:ME team showcasing his deep passion and dedication for music education. Wanting to provide resources for music educators, in 2021 he purchased School Band and Orchestra magazine (SBO) and JazzEd - both of which are focused on providing insight for educators.