Ney Nakamura


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Tagima USA Corporation

Ney Nakamura established Marutec Music, a distribution company based in Brazil in 1994. The company distributed Yamaha consumer keyboards in the early days and later expanded into the guitar market when Ney acquired the Tagima brand from Seizi Tagima. After acquiring Tagima, Ney and his staff embarked on a quest to establish the brand via strong players who endorsed the brand.  As a result of the increased quality standards implemented by the Tagima Dream Team and the validity of the endorsers who played the guitars, Tagima is recognized as a leading brand in Brazil and most of South America. Ney had a goal of expanding Tagima globally when he launched Tagima USA in 2017.  Since 2017 Ney has expanded the Tagima brand to Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, the Philippines, and even in China. Tagima manufactures electric guitars and basses in Brazil and works closely with quality contract manufacturers to produce Tagima-designed acoustic guitars for global distribution.