Ola Strandberg


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Founder / CCO
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Strandberg Guitars

Ola Strandberg is the luthier, founder and Chief Creative Officer for Strandberg Guitars located in Uppsala, Sweden. Ola actually played drums as a kid, but when the family moved and the kit did not fit in the truck, he took up the guitar. Early in his career Ola was working in a music store where he repaired and set up guitars and by the end of his teens he had made a few guitars of his own. After a 15 year career in the software industry, Ola needed a mental break, which brought him back to his passion for guitar building. While a repair tech, Ola took note of several typical problems in guitars and sought to address those issues in his guitar designs, which focused on headless guitars and basses. He also created a new approach to the well-being of guitarists with the Ergonomic Guitar System (EGS), which he feels can be applied to all instruments. With EGS, Ola takes into consideration the player as well as the sound when building his instruments. The Ergonomic Guitar System evolved into what is now Strandberg Guitars and the brand .strandberg*.