Paul Garcia


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Pro Audio Design
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Blues Angel Music

Paul Garcia along with his brother Fred and sister Lucy formed a group called The Garcia’s. Since they all sang and played from an early age, and were always encouraged by their father, it was natural for them to harmonize together. Paul’s passion for music further developed while playing in school bands, his brother’s bands and a group called The Scoundrels, which backed up the Sandpipers on Broadway in New York City. For a time he worked at Haley’s Lighting Sound before meeting Ron Harris who owned a music store in Pensacola. Paul managed Harris Music for a decade before working another decade at All Pro Sound, where again he managed the showroom floor. His love of all things pro lighting and audio led Paul to Blues Angel Music working alongside Steven Olson in the Pro Audio Division, where he enjoys every day with the crew and their customers, many whom have become personal friends.