Phee Sherline


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NAMM’s Museum of Making Music

Phee Sherline brought her passion for music to NAMM’s Museum of Making Music a docent and gallery attendant. She was a young adult when the Folk Music boom occurred during the 1960s and 70s. She was taken by the close harmonies and the stories each song told. She was drawn to the guitar and formed a duo with her husband, often billed as Ken & Phee. They recorded together and played at many clubs and festivals. She was very involved in the Folk Music Songmaker’s Group in the Los Angeles area, which promotes the musical style and brings fans and performers together for special events. Phee became the president of their board, which she reflects back on as a very meaningful time. She later switched to the hammer dulcimer, which she can be found playing in the museum’s lobby twice a month on weekends, with her passion and smile on full display!