Rick Vito


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Musician, Guitarist

Rick Vito not only grew up in a home filled with music, but with his parents owning a night club he also had a built in venue as a young musician! He started playing guitar for local doo-wop and rock bands in and around his home state of Pennsylvania. Admiring the blues and learning the slide guitar, Rick soon found himself opening for Muddy Waters in 1969, a true milestone in his career. After moving to Los Angles in the early 1970s, Rick played with a long list of performers both on the road and in the studio, including Delaine, Bonnie & Friends, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, John Mayall, and Fleetwood Mac. Among his famous recordings using the slide guitar is the Bob Seger hit “Like A Rock” released in 1986. Rick has also designed several guitars over his career as well as endorsed his signature model made by Reverend called the Soulshaker!