Rob Thorsen


Oral History Information

Rob Thorsen, a distinguished bass player and revered music educator based in San Diego, embarked on his musical odyssey at a young age, exploring a myriad of instruments thanks to his parents' encouragement. From the tuba to the classical guitar, Rob's musical journey was a symphony of exploration until he discovered his true calling with the electric bass at 17, procured from a humble garage sale. Fueled by an unbridled passion for music, Rob immersed himself in the vibrant San Diego music scene, honing his skills through mini gigs and forging lasting friendships along the way. The serendipitous loan of an upright string bass opened new avenues of expression, as Rob graced the streets of Golden Gate Park and venues across San Francisco with his soulful melodies. Back in San Diego, his musical prowess caught the attention of jazz luminaries like Charles McPherson, leading to collaborations that enriched his artistic journey. Today, Rob's dedication extends beyond performance, as he nurtures the next generation of musicians at the Young Lions Jazz Conservatory and lends his talents to the harmony of Our Voices City Choir. In every note he plays and every lesson he imparts, Rob epitomizes the essence of an extraordinary musician and mentor.