Ronnie Tennant


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Band Supplies Co.

Ronnie Tennant first began playing cornet when he was nine years old. His father joined a brass band when he was about the same age and, in 1952, his father joined the Army Band. Ronnie was deeply involved with brass bands. He played many of the instruments in the band with a special focus on the trombone and later the tuba. Ronnie worked in an auto plant as an engineer and often used his skills to repair instruments on the side. After working part time for a special show, Ronnie realized he had a passion for the retail and repairing of brass instruments. So in 1980, he opened his first store. The first store, Band Supplies, opened in Glasgow, Scotland followed by a location in Leeds, England. In 2016, with his daughter Stephanie as the General Manager, the Saxophone Shop was established and opened just around the corner from the first shop.