Scotty Moore


Oral History Information

Scotty Moore set a date and time on July 4, 1954, to get together with a young singer who wanted to record with Sam Philips at Sun Records in Memphis. Sam asked Scotty, who had recorded with several bands on Sun, to call this kid and work out a few songs. This was his first meeting with Elvis Presley. Playing his Gibson, Scotty can be heard on every recording the King made up through the soundtrack for “Jailhouse Rock” in 1957. When Elvis returned from the United States Army, Scotty returned to Elvis’ side on nearly all of his recordings until Elvis’ comeback television special of 1968. Scotty’s remarkable and influential guitar style revolutionized rock and roll. In 2002, rock guitar man Jeff “Skunk” Baxter remarked that most of the world heard first the electric guitar by one of two ways, Les Paul or Scotty Moore. In 2000, when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame created a new category to recognize the sidemen of rock, Scotty was the first inducted!