Stacey Swanson


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CEO/Editor in Chief
Company Name
Swanson Consulting Group

Stacey Swanson was in high school when her band director changed her life by suggesting she switch from the flute to the bassoon. The complexity of the instrument allowed Stacey to carefully asses the role of the instrument and how the band director interacted with the entire band. This inspired her to pursue music education. She later worked on the sales floor of her local music store and again she observed how her role interacted with the other staff members and the customers. Those experiences showed Stacey that there was a need for someone who could provide strategic planning for funding local school programs, as well as building strong communications within settings such as stores and band rooms. As a result, she formed her own company, Swanson Consulting Group, which has been a perfect fit for her and her skill set. Stacey participated in the Women of NAMM (WoN) leadership summit in October 2022. WoN is a council of NAMM dedicated to increasing female representation in the music industry by connecting, supporting and growing female leadership.