Stephen Maples


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Job Title
Senior Executive President
Company Name
Rock It Cargo

Stephen Maples began his long and successful career in Live Entertainment as a truck driver for Deep Purple back in 1974. He has witnessed many changes over the years and has developed skills to wear different hats in the industry. He toured for several years as a truck driver with bands such as the Beach Boys, Ten Years After, and Rufus, then started dispatching for Egotrips, one of the original trucking companies in rock and roll 1978. Among his mentors and friends, in the early days of the business were Patrick Stansfield, Jim Bodenheimer, Chip Monck, and Bill McManus who took him under their wings, introducing him to a wide breadth of people in the business. He moved on to Stage Call, B & R Scenery, and Rock It Cargo providing management and logistics expertise. While taking time to mentor young people in the industry, Stephen is often reminded of the lessons he learned over his long career.