Steve Dawe


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Former Director of Sales and Marketing
Company Name
M. Steinert & Sons

Steve Dawe grew up surrounded by music! His mother was a piano teacher and he studied the trumpet in college, but ultimately gravitated to the Hammond B3 as his primary instrument on stage. A 25-year career in electronics followed, though his love of music never left him. Motivated to return to music, he took a yearlong intensive tuning and rebuilding class taught by Frank Hansen under the auspices of New England Conservatory of Music. Afterwards he was asked to be a piano tech for 11 weeks for the famous Tanglewood music program, where he honed his skills. The experience cemented his love of the craft and he went to work for Paul Murphy at the M. Steinert & Sons piano store in Boston. This is where he joined the Steinway family, learning all he could to offer pianos with the best possible quality, keeping in mind the history and reputation of the world famous brand.