Ted Burger


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Hanser Music Group

Ted Burger, president of Hanser Music Group, epitomizes a harmonious blend of passion, expertise and dedication. Hailing from Fairport, New York, Ted's musical odyssey began at the tender age of 13, igniting a lifelong devotion to the power of melody and rhythm. From the vibrant local music scene to the global stage, Ted's journey has been punctuated by unforgettable milestones, including a record deal in Japan and the creation of three heavy metal albums. Ted's career trajectory, marked by pivotal roles at renowned musical instrument manufacturers like Korg USA for seven years, culminated in his appointment as president of Hanser Music Group in 2019. He started at the company in 2004 when he was hired by Glenn Derringer, who became a mentor. Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Ted navigates the company's legacy with grace and vision, nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration. Ted’s NAMM Oral History interview took place in 2024, which marked the 100th anniversary of Hanser Music Group.