Theo Boylan


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Product Specialist
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Piano Distributors

Theo Boylan hailing from a quaint town 80 miles from Chicago, cultivated her musical prowess from an early age, immersing herself in the exciting realms of piano and oboe performance. Her passion for classical music blossomed at the piano during her formative years, eventually evolving into a fulfilling career path. Employed by Thoroughbred Music in Clearwater, Theo's innate talent merged seamlessly with her dedication to bringing the joy of music to people of all ages. During the piano sales surge of the mid to late 1990s, Theo honed a distinctive customer service approach that resonated with local music educators and clientele alike. Specializing in Yamaha products, her commitment to excellence garnered annual acclaim, exemplified by her consecutive acceptance of the Yamaha Touchstone Award for several years beginning in 1998. Transitioning to Piano Distributors in 2002, where she assumed leadership roles, Theo's influence extended beyond sales to fostering musical education and community engagement. She later presided as President of the Mid-State Music Teacher's Association in Florida, where her enduring passion enriched the lives of those she worked with to bring music to their communities.