Tina Morris


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Studio Manager
Company Name
The Village Studios

Tina Morris is the Studio Manager for one of the most iconic recording spaces in Los Angeles, The Village. With an impressive background in music performance and sound technology, managing the studio is the perfect fit for her and her passion for music. She began playing guitar after hearing Heavy Metal on the radio. After taking lessons and playing in local bands, she attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where her passion continued to be fueled. She worked in the school’s recording studio and for other studios in the area and later as a studio installer and designer. All along she was developing her skills as a recording engineer while still playing in bands. In 2006 when she moved to Los Angeles, Tina walked into The Village and asked owner Jeff Greenberg for a job, he said yes. Two years later, after performing every task within the studio, she was promoted to Studio Manager, a job she says inspires her every day.