Tracy Leenman


Oral History Information

Tracy Leenman remembers hearing her father play the saxophone and wanting to play the same instrument. She played several instruments throughout school including the sax, flute, and bassoon, while also singing in the choir. Tracy earned her Master’s in music education with the idea of becoming a band director. She began giving music lessons at Pecknel Music and in 1998 she was the Director of the Band and Orchestra Division.  At the time of her departure in 2007, Tracy had risen to the role of Chief Operations Officer which helped her gain the foundation to start her own company. Over the years, she became very active in music advocacy work and wrote some of the materials for NAMM sponsored programs such as Charlie Horse Music Pizza. When an opportunity presented itself, Tracy opened her own music store in July 2009, Musical Innovations, a fitting name for a store run by such a creative music advocate!