Val Bernardo


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Chief Administrative Officer
Company Name
Blues Angel Music

Val Bernardo is the unofficial activities director at Blues Angel Music in Pensacola, Florida. Creating the Bamily Hall of Fame, a sticker program with a large display on the store wall, this fun employee program strives to recognize the heart of the store with creative stickers that celebrate an event or accomplishment. She also runs the pumpkin carving contest, a program called Starch Madness in which the staff vote for the best potato recipe through a series of eliminations, and a nacho cheese fountain! All this drives home the point that the Blues Angel staff is like a family. Val’s love of music began when she played trumpet in the 4th grade and continued throughout high school. She later worked at Dollarhide Music in Pensacola as the sheet music manager where she really enjoyed working with teachers. When the store closed, Val and several Dollarhide employees were hired at Blues Angel where she works as the Chief Administrative Officer and HR Manager. Stop by Blues Angel Music and ask to see Val’s sticker wall, it will bring you a smile.