Val McCallum


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Musician, Guitarist

Val McCallum has had a long association with Jackson Browne, collaborating on several projects together. They wrote the song “My Cleveland Heart” and toured together. During his NAMM Oral History interview, Val explained the connection he feels with Jackson and the pride he has in creating music with him. Throughout his career touring and working as a studio musician, Val has performed with a long list of artists and has been a member of the comedy band Jackshit for many years. The band often features guest artists in their shows, which have included Elvis Costello and Jackson Browne, to name but two. Val also spoke of several other projects that have been important to him including his first solo album, At the End of the Day (2012), which includes a song he wrote for his mother. His projects have ranged from heartfelt to hilarious and within each is his creative and often driving guitar chops that keeps you wanting to hear more.