Women in the Music Industry Vignette

Women’s role in the music industry has progressively grown and developed over the years.  When the NAMM Oral History program began, many of the women interviewed kept the books of their retail store.  However, the role women have played in the industry grew to include more and more women in top managerial positions.  These are decision making roles, and roles that allow more involvement in the industry as a whole.  Jeanne Stiernberg, Tish Ciravolo, Barb Fairhurst, Rebecca Apodaca, and Lenise Bent tell the stories of what it was like for them working in the music industry as a women.  This vignette might also serve as a time-capsule of its own as we can imagine a day when the thought of separating women from men for such a video doesn't make any sense because both will be viewed equally.

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