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Method Marketing, Inc.

Antoinette Follett is an experienced communications professional in the music industry and founder of Method Marketing, Inc.  With her expertise in communications, public relations, and marketing, she has worked with local programs, national associations, and non-profit organizations, helping increase brand awareness and sales and educate merchants and artists. As managing editor for the International Musician magazine and former editor-in-chief for Making Music magazine, she has helped promote and elevate the voices of emerging and established artists. Serving as the Executive Director for the Percussion Marketing Council, Antoinette has helped drive several initiatives, including International Drum Month and relaunching the website, providing resources on drumming, including instrument selection, learning methods, and finding lessons. Through her roles within the music industry, she has emerged as a vocal advocate for the importance of music education in a well-rounded academic curriculum both at national and local levels. Her collaborative approach and understanding of ever-evolving communication methods make her a valuable asset to the music products industry.