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Women’s Sound

Boden Sandstrom is the founder of Women Sound and a pioneering audio engineer who helped define the sound of the women’s music movement in America beginning in the 1970s. She was on hand for hundreds of marches, protests, concerts, and festivals and worked long and hard to provide the best possible audio for these events, which she recognized were the brainchild and passion of the organizers. As a result, Boden created a strong and positive reputation for herself and sought to hire and inspire women in the world of audio and Live Sound. In 1975 she founded Women Sound, a DC-based sound reinforcement and conference recording company, which she sold in 1990 and is now City Sound Productions. A music maker herself, Boden played French Horn in grade school and all the way through graduate school, it is still her go-to instrument. Moving to Washington DC in 1972 gave her another opportunity, this time providing sound for local marches and rallies such as the ERA gathering in 1978, which required sound from the Capitol building all the way to the Washington Mall. She took pride in her work and the relationships she built while witnessing firsthand the growth and development of the Women’s Music Movement!