Chris Tso


Oral History Information

Chris Tso is a perfect example of the benefits the music products industry receives when a musician enters it's world. Chris grew up blocks away from the Apollo Theater and the Cotton Club in New York, and absorbed the rich history and diverse cultures that were blended into the music around him. He began playing guitar in junior high school and went on to perform in bands, including his own, over the years. He also pursued a career in professional lighting and sound and at an early age established his own production company. Chris lives by the motto “give the people more than their money’s worth” and he did. Stepping into retail, Chris worked in the audio department at Manny’s Music on 48th street and later for Sam Ash, Dale Pro Audio and Guitar Center. Switching to wholesale and adding his knowledge of the gear to the Musician’s Friend team, Chris played an important role in the early stages of the company’s website development. His driving passion for the gear and his understanding of the needs of musicians continues to serve all those Chris is involved with, including his current gig at Full Compass, which began in 2018.