Gerald Ishibashi


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Stonebridge Productions

Gerald Ishibashi is the musician, music retailer and concert producer who has taken part and witnessed some of the biggest changes and developments in our industry. With a love for music, Gerald began playing in the 8th grade and has performed in bands ever since. Flight 805 was one of his first, which played fairgrounds and venues over much of Southern California beginning in the 1970s. He later formed his most famous band called Stonebridge, which is a translation of his Japanese last name. A few years later he opened Stonebridge Music in Westminster, California, which was an important and happy chapter in his career. The store saw a lot of firsts, such as being an early dealer of Sunn Amplifiers and TEAC products as well as hosting clinics led by the likes of Billy Cobham! Always a promoter of live concerts, Gerald next turned to concert producing, which again saw him pioneering festivals, reunion shows and opening up new venues to live music! While his band continues, Gerald is also involved with many other projects including a vocal group called the Island Crooners, which is, as Gerald describes the group, "Imagine if...Bobby Darin and Don Ho met the Rat Pack!” In addition to all of this, Gerald has been a strong and steady supporter of the NAMM Oral History program, assisting us in capturing the stories of dozens of music makers over the years!