Helen Culleton


Oral History Information

Helen Culleton recalls with a smile attending her first concert. The live event took place in London with AC/DC (with their original band members) and the opening act was Def Leppard’s first tour. It was the first of many for her as she lived close to several popular venues in an era of cutting-edge and popular bands such as Pink Floyd and Rush. With a love for audio, Helen began working in the industry in 1982 as a PA at Soundtracs. The small company focused on developing innovative mixing consoles and recording studio gear. Helen left the industry only to return 8 years later when the Soundtracs team and its technology were sold and rebranded as DiGiCo. As Director, Helen continues to look for innovative products such as their virtual console to meet the needs of their customers, which has also expanded to cover Live Sound, houses of worship, and theaters. Through it all, the concertgoer within Helen remains and her quest to provide the best sound possible continues to drive her.