James "Peaches" Hergen


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Interview Date
Job Title
Lighting Designer
Company Name
Pro Lighting

James “Peaches” Hergen has always known that he would have a career in lighting. He remembers at a young age going to roller rinks with his family and would get lost in admiring the lights. The passion exploded when his parents got him a DJ light for Christmas and James was set on his journey. He continued studying and working with lights in high school and college and went on to get a job working for Six Flags. This job allowed him to work on professional gear that he wasn’t used to and ultimately trained him for the next step in his career. After Six Flags, James went on to work for Blue Man Group, Weird Al Yankovic, Aerosmith, and Postal Service. James continues to work in lighting and focuses mainly on the Weird Al tours, citing the family atmosphere as the reason why he loves it so much.