John Papadolias


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Lyon & Healy Corporation

John Papadolias began working at Lyon & Healy in Chicago in 1999 as a harp technician. The job is perfectly suited for John who has a long history as a musician and instrument tech. Encouraged by his mother who sang, played and taught music, young John began playing a Stella Guitar when he was nine. A year later he learned Suzuki Violin for a few years while also playing guitar in a local band. During high school, he switched to electric guitar while simultaneously studying classical guitar. In college, he worked in a violin shop as a tech, which led to his gig at Lyon & Healy. Over the years John has traveled all over repairing and making adjustments to harps in schools, studios, and concert halls. In recent years John has added guitar tech to his job responsibilities as the company has expanded its brands to include Paoletti and Batson Guitars, among others.