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Meekins Piano Service

Joyce Meekins is a pioneering woman piano technician who has sought every opportunity she can find to encourage young women to join the profession. In 1975 she entered a four-year apprenticeship with a top DC rebuilder, after which she continued as an independent piano technician covering shop, home, and concert work. She has served as President of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild three times and in the process helped develop the group into a close-knit family, who often help each other when the need arises. She helped established “Susan’s Circle,” a women’s group within the PTG, and was the head of the PTG Foundation's publications during a major project to publish Fred Sturm's translation of Claude Montal's, The Art of the Tuning. Joyce has also served as president of the PTG Foundation Board and, in her spare time, she has a day job as a piano technician covering the greater Washington DC area!