Marcello Vercelli


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Managing Director
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Chameleon Labs

Marcello Vercelli was trained as a mechanical engineer and landed his first job in the music industry at RCF.  RCF is an Italian based professional loudspeaker manufacturer, and a big OEM supplier for transducers and other projects.  It was a wonderful introduction in the world of audio that he loves.  In 1996, he formed Fusion Audio in Costa Mesa, California and designed amps inside speaker cabinets, such as those created by John Meyer with the idea of a plug-and-play design for smaller settings vs. the large events that Meyer Sounds was targeting in creating its gear.  Marcello then worked for his good friend Greg Mackie and helped designed the famous Mackie Speakers in the blue cabinets.  In 2002, he formed KB2 Audio, a powered PA company and four years later began working at Event Electronics in Woodinville.  That experience lead to the position of product engineer at Chameleon Labs in Seattle, Washington, which focuses on pre amps and powered rack systems.