Patti Thurston


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Vice President
Company Name
Efficacy at The Designory

Patti Thurston, VP of Efficacy at The Designory, embodies a spirit of gratitude that permeates every aspect of her life and work. With more than 20 years of dedicated service to The Designory, Patti's commitment to excellence and compassion shines through in her role in the advertising industry. Patti's diverse background in the live event business as a lighting designer and production manager equipped her with a unique perspective and skill set. Alongside her professional accomplishments, Patti cherishes her relationships with friends, family and beloved animals. Driven by her motto to be kind, Patti advocates for empathy and compassion in an increasingly complex world. She was also part of the group that created the Parnelli Awards in Patrick Stansfield’s dining room, a testament to her innovative spirit, collaborative nature and passion for the live sound industry.