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Tim Ryan still a student at the California Institute of Technology in 1978 when he and two partners formed a company to produce a highly innovative, all digital synthesizer which they branded the Con Brio. The Con Brio incorporated 5 then state-of-the-art micro-processors – the same processors that would later be used in the Apple II and Commodore computers. After Con Brio, and as a co-founder of Third Street Software and Sonus, Tim continued to use his coding skills to develop a series of Apple II and Commodore music applications including the highly successful Studio One and Studio Two programs. With a need for MIDI interfaces and controllers, Tim went on to found Midiman, which was later renamed M-Audio. The company provided a wide range of creative products including pc audio interfaces, automated mixers, keyboard controllers, microphones and studio monitors. Tim also created a distribution division of the company which offered and widely promoted such quality product lines as Groove Tubes, Propellerhead Software and Ableton Live. M-Audio is widely known throughout the music products industry as having launched the careers of dozens of employees who have gone on to successful MI positions, a fact Tim has always been very proud of. Tim sold M-Audio to Avid (Digidesign) but remained involved for several years before his retirement.