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Michael Kelly Guitars

Tracy Hoeft is a seasoned music aficionado, ignited by an early fascination with rhythm and melody. During his formative years, Tracy immersed himself in the world of music, commencing his rhythmic journey at Paragon Music in Florida, where he honed his drumming skills at the tender age of 15. His fervor for music only deepened as he embarked on his first pilgrimage to The NAMM Show in 1984, where he was captivated by the pulse of innovation coursing through the industry. Tracy's passion for percussion led him to spearhead the drum department at a local music store, where his acute eye for brand development began to emerge. In the late 1990s, Tracy seized the opportunity to channel his entrepreneurial spirit into the creation of Michael Kelly Guitars, a venture that flourished under his guidance. There, he pioneered a direct-to-consumer business model that set industry standards in the early 2000s. As a consultant and marketing maven, Tracy's expertise has been instrumental in amplifying the presence of numerous music companies, earning him a reputation as a catalyst for growth and innovation.