What we don’t know about customer behavior can hurt us. Don’t let this affect your business! In this session, Sean Samson of Sean Samson Training will look at the five real reasons customers don’t buy and what you can do about it. He offers a practical, easy-to-follow approach to diagnosing problems and reveals how to create consistent, profitable customer interactions that will accelerate sales.
If you want to increase your bottom line substantially by next week, it starts with doing something new this week! In this session, sales guru Bob Popyk and financial guru Alan Friedman reveal 10 ideas to increase your profits, reduce expenses and generate more sales quickly. A session for new and veteran music retailers alike.
More than any time in the past 100 years, consumers have made a dramatic shift in the way they reach purchasing decisions. Has your business adapted? Are you prepared for the ever-evolving digital consumer—and today’s noisy business environment? In a special NAMM U Breakfast Session at The 2018 NAMM Show, online marketing guru Marcus Sheridan revealed how buyers have changed, how you can evolve with this shift and powerful examples from forward-thinking companies.
While some independent retailers have given up on Black Friday, Plum Grove Music has turned the Thanksgiving weekend into a record-setting sales event. Here, Rick Thacker, company owner, walks you through how he did it. Find out how one independent retailer made Black Friday a big deal for his business.
Presented By Tracy Leenman
How many of you want satisfied customers? At the 2016 NAMM Show, Tracy Leenman of Musical Innovations challenged music retailers to go a step further. She shared the best practices that have helped make her store NAMM’s 2015 Dealer of the Year and the Top 100 Award winner for Best Customer Service.
You know who your tough customers are—they knock you down, beat you up and leave without buying. They seek out the cheapest price online, then come to you to haggle. Here, Music Trades Magazine columnist and sales guru Bob Popyk discusses ways you might not have thought of to get them to buy, make them regular customers and save your sanity—all at the same time.
Presented By Larry Bailin
At 2015 Summer NAMM, Larry Bailin hosted the NAMM U Breakfast Session “No More Average Marketing—How to Cut Through the Noise.” During the session, Bailin, a sales and marketing expert, gave the show’s exhibitors some tough love about their approach to greeting attendees. Check out this 3-minute segment.
Presented By Tracy Leenman
School bids can be frustrating. At some point, you’ve probably spent hours working up a school bid, only to lose to a competitor. Still, there’s money to be made in school bidding, if you go about it the right way. Here, Tracy Leenman, owner of Musical Innovations in Greenville, S.C., looks at five ways music retailers can win in the school bid business. Get her tips for long-term success.
Presented By Alan Friedman
Do you have one too many products celebrating a birthday at your store? Is distressed merchandise choking your inventory? At the 2015 NAMM Show, Bob Popyk, sales expert and Music Trades Magazine columnist, and Alan Friedman, music retail financial guru and partner at Friedman, Kannenberg & Co., teamed up to reveal practical ideas to move obsolete and dated merchandise out the door.
Presented By Kenny Smith
During the holidays, you'll come face to face with more new customers than usual, giving you a chance to earn their current and future business. Sales guru Kenny Smith offers 10 selling pointers to help you brush up your skills and make the most of every customer interaction. "Many times, when people describe what they want to accomplish with a product, we have something even better to offer them," Smith says. Follow his lead for a plentiful holiday season!