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In 1976, after running a successful accordion studio in New York, Mel Schiff and his wife, Sally, decided to open All County Music in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida suburb of Tamarac. Having taken a brief hiatus from the music industry to relocate to Florida, the Schiff’s found that they missed the industry and were eager to return to it in their new community.
The SWIM Fund was established in 2018 after a small group of female industry leaders gathered at a National Association of School Music Dealers (NASMD) convention and discussed “igniting the ambition of women in the music products industry so that we can connect, support and grow as professionals and leaders.”
“Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma, summers always started with lemons. My lemonade stand wasn’t elaborate. I simply sold cold lemonade, earning enough money each year to buy fireworks to enjoy with my cousins at our family farm.”
Our members tell us that getting one good idea can pay for your entire trip to The NAMM Show. But in reality, I believe most attendees walk away from NAMM U sessions with dozens of great ideas. The only challenge is finding time to put those ideas to use when you leave Anaheim and return to your business.
There are numerous ways to drive traffic to your booth and promote your products at The NAMM Show, but what really works?
In the real world, where not everyone gets a trophy, only the smartest succeed. That's why The 2018 NAMM Show is your path to success.
Discover how Zoom created a buzz around their product at The NAMM Show before buyers set foot on the show floor. 
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