Success Stories

The MIDI™ Association is marking “May is MIDI Month,” with a fundraising initiative to raise $24,000 for the Children’s Music Fund™ (CMF). This year marks the second consecutive year that the May is MIDI Month campaign will aim to assist this non-profit.
Quincy Jones is the record producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, arranger, and film and television producer that brought the world iconic works like Thriller, The Color Purple, and the ground-breaking song, “We Are the World.” NAMM’s Oral History collection is proud to preserve two separate interviews with Jones within its collection.
This year marks a historic 150 years in operation for the Indiana- based Paige’s Music. Originally founded in 1871, its flagship location relocated from Terre Haute to Indianapolis in 1976 to focus on an expanding school music market in Indiana.
Songs about love have dominated the charts across every genre and decade.
Five Star Guitars of Beaverton, Oregon, has been named NAMM’s Top 100 Dealer of the Year at Believe in Music week (January 18 – 22). NAMM’s Top 100 Dealer of the Year award is selected by an independent panel of judges. Previous award recipients include Cosmo Music Co. (2019), Andertons Music Co. (2018), and A & G Central Music (2017).
Even though the in-person global gathering, The NAMM Show, was canceled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic in January 2021, NAMM was able to bring together the music products industry for a one-of-a-kind event, Believe in Music week.
Believe in Music Week is rapidly approaching, and with it, much like a child waiting for Christmas, the industry is buzzing with the promise of exciting programming from across the industry in first-ever digital gathering to unify and support the people who bring music to the world.
Over a year has gone by since the world has been living in the shadow of COVID-19, and while people are yearning to ditch the restrictions and fears brought on by the virus, there has been an unprecedented wave of innovation in the music products industry.
Vintage®, a Garforth, Leeds, England-based guitar company, reached a milestone in 2020 by celebrating its 25th anniversary. The manufacturer launched its first guitar, an Encore® Vintage Series VC1, in 1995, receiving high praise within the industry for the superior sound, quality, and modest price point.
The importance of music education and access to arts education is a critical component for developing a passion for music. Every note produced by talented musicians across the world directly results from the influence of a music teacher and music education – a theme we frequently hear expressed in NAMM’s Oral History interviews.
Picture it: the fall of 1994, a pager on your hip, you might be discussing the latest box office blockbuster, Forrest Gump, or perhaps the newest NBC comedy Friends. You've heard rumors about two new startups, Yahoo and Amazon, all while being dressed from head to toe in crushed velvet. Life is good.
Emily Achieng’ Akuno is currently a Professor of Music at the Technical University of Kenya, a “burgeoning hub for music and other creative arts within Nairobi’s Central Business District.” Having served as a steward both locally and globally, Achieng’ Akuno is a champion for music education for all serving in prestigious positions with notable organizations such as the I