Success Stories

Maegen Wells found herself captivated by two forces early on in her life; the guitar and tools. Her fascination with both eventually led her to lutherie, and today, as a top luthier in the music products community. Wells now owns and operates a successful shop where she crafts archtop guitars and mandolins.
A player piano or a pianola as they often referred was the instrument to own in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Owning a player piano instantly transformed ordinary household into musical paradises when being proficient in an instrument was often a rarity and the invention of modern entertainment like radio and television was still years away.
When Jesse James Babbitt finished construction on his first mouthpiece inside his garage in 1919, one would imagine he never envisioned that, one hundred years later, his company would be a leader in the creation of mouthpieces for clarinets and saxophones.
When Tom Bedell resurrected Bedell Guitars decades after he founded the business, he had a surprising new outlook on doing business, including how to make the best musical instrument possible without impacting the environment.
NAMM sat down with Robert Christie, 2017 Dealer of the Year and owner of A&G Central Music to discuss his keys for success. After 23 years as a band and orchestra retailer, he says there is some success that can’t be measured, like seeing the sparkle in a child’s eyes as he or she opens the case to their very first instrument.
While embracing all music makers, Fanny's House of Music celebrates the empowerment of women musicians by creating an atmosphere of support, inspiration and creativity.
Menzie Pittman founded Contemporary Music Center (CMC) with the single idea that making music should be enjoyable, creative, disciplined and expressive.