Library - In Memoriam

Remembering oral history interviewees who have passed away.

Tadamichi Fukuda was the Chairman for the Global Corporation, located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. The company was established in 1975 based on the repairing of musical instruments, especially violins.

Brian Jemelian didn't think of himself as a musician, although he played violin as a child and later as an employee of Yamaha he took both piano and guitar lessons.  Brian studied business in college and was very interested in the business world.  After a successful mentoring pro

Jay R. Morgenstern was a veteran of the record and music publishing industries and served as the Executive Vice President/General Manager of Warner Chappell Music Inc. His amazing career was only matched by his reputation as a passionate advocate for those he represents.

Roger Leithold recalled moving into the historic building where Leithold Music is located on Fourth Street in La Crosse, Wisconsin during his NAMM Oral History interview. The building was originally a furniture store created in 1889.

Gary Shanholt began working on the bench at Selmer in Elkhart on Main Street back in the 1970s.  He continued to work for the company after it merged with Conn, becoming Conn-Selmer.  Gary began working on saxophones and later in the cleaning room before finding his niche within

Bruce Johnson began his career in the music industry working in the accounting department for Wurlitzer in DeKalb, Illinois.  While on the job he began outlining a computer program that could help with the company’s retail stores.  The more he worked on the program, the more he s

Ham Brosious began his career in the audio industry as a salesman for Scully in 1960. He went on to establish Audio Techniques, which became a source of innovative pro audio products for years.

Lewis Brown joined the CG Conn Company in 1941 working in the band instrument assembly department. Less than two years later he was drafted to serve the United States during World War II. When he returned to Elkhart his job was waiting for him.

Norman Marshank joined his father’s independent manufacturer’s representatives full time after serving in World War II. His father, David, formed Marshank Sales in Los Angeles in 1920 and over the years the company grew as did the pro-audio industry.

Dave Pell had a long and remarkable life in music. As a saxophonist he played with many of the top dance bands in the later years of the Big Band Era, including Les Brown and his band of renown.