Library - In Memoriam

Remembering oral history interviewees who have passed away.

Dr. Leo Beranek is considered by many to be the father of concert hall acoustics. His amazing career has not only traced the growth of acoustic measurement but has documented it in a series of articles and books.

Toby Capalbo formed La Habra Music in Southern California back in 1960. Over the years he built up strong relations with local band directors and created a popular lesson program.

Dan Smith was inducted into Fender’s Hall of Fame for good reason. Dan designed the re-launching of the famous guitar company after it was sold by CBS. Dan’s vision was to bring the product back to the early concepts that originally made the Fender name famous.

Richie Pidanick was the Vice President of Culture and Values at Guitar Center.  It was Richie’s job to train the company’s employees on the philosophy of what is most important to the corporate culture, namely customer service.  Richie knew the culture and Guitar Center’s values

Sylvia Perry and her late husband, Mack, teamed up in 1945 to establish Peripole, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Perry taught music and worked to innovate and manufacture instruments for the growth and development of music education from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Buckwheat Zydeco redefined and popularized the Cajun Zydeco movement in America and around the World. In doing so, he brought positive attention to the accordion.

John D. Loudermilk wrote several songs that became the biggest hit recording for the artist who performed the songs.  This includes artists Sue Thompson (Sad Movies Make Me Cry) and  George Hamilton IV (A Rose and a Baby Ruth).

Skip Buss played trumpet for several big bands on the road and in local hotel ballrooms during the great Swing Era of the 1940s.  He decided to leave the road when his son was born at which time he gigged at local clubs and ballrooms at night and worked for a small music retailer

Tom Wilson might have been among the most-suggested people to be included in the NAMM Oral History Program!  Suggestions came from those who worked with him over the years who gained respect for his abilities, fairness and friendship!

Don Buchla grew up with a passion for music and a passion for engineering. When he combined the two loves, he created electronic musical instruments the world had never dreamed of before.