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Don Airey is widely known as the current keyboardist for Deep Purple, a gig he has had since 2002.

 Takehiko Akaboshi, the legendary Japanese music therapist and founder of the world renowned Japan Music Volunteer Association, began his career as a popular singer who recorded traditional and new folk songs as early as the 1950s.  While singing around the country he began seeing the benefits of music on the ill and in 1972 created “ryouiku ongaku” or therapeutic music programs that hav

Bulent Akbay was born in Istanbul and was interested in playing the drums at an early age.  He played throughout school and like other drummers in the area he was always looking for a place to play.  This need led Bulent to form his own drum studio and school, which later included a retail element of the business.  His connections within the percussion world afforded him the ch

 Joy Akerman was one of the first volunteers in NAMM’s Museum of Making Music docent programs back in 1999.  Over the years, she became active in many elements of the museum, including the store and the monthly volunteer training classes.  Her love of people and music made her role at the museum a perfect fit.  More recently, Joy was hired as the receptionist who greets all NAM

Toshio Akiyama is an internationally renowned figure widely known for his contribution as the "father of the Japanese wind bands." Having received his education at the famous Eastman School of Music, USA, Mr.

This audio only interview was conducted for a radio program by Dan Del Fiorentino and donated to the NAMM Oral History program: Manny Albam was taught how to arrange jazz for a big band while working with Georgie Auld's Orchestra. Georgie's arranger at the time was Budd Johnson who took Manny under his wing. Manny developed into one of the most noted arrangers and composers of

Marty Albertson began working at the Guitar Center in San Francisco when the small chain’s founder, Wayne Mitchell, was still active in the business. Marty was there to see the store locations expand and grow and was very much a part of the executive branch of the company when it was first offered as a publicly-traded company.

 John Aldridge has become one of the leading experts on the history of drums, percussion companies, and their products.  As a publisher and editor, John established the magazine “Not So Modern Drummer” and dedicated its pages to the vintage drum, the history of which otherwise might have been lost.  John has been instrumental in preserving important percussive collections and documentation to ensure the material could be accessed by those interested.  John’s NAMM Oral History interview was

Tommy Aldridge doesn't mind being compared to the wild Muppet named “Animal." As Tommy puts it, both have crazy hair and crazy drum styles! Tommy's playing career has included gigs with Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, and Black Oak Arkansas. Being a fan of jazz, Tommy used Louis Bellson's double-bass drum setup and pioneered its use in rock.

Philipp Alexander is proud of his musical past. His family formed Musik-Alexander in Mainz, Germany in 1782. They began as brass instrument makers and later opened a music store while continuing the making of horns. One of the company’s milestones took place in 1909 when they introduced the now famous horn, model 103.