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Paul Gallo is proud of the contributions his magazines have provided the music industry. His first endeavor in 1975 was publishing Modern Recording, a hobbyist magazine that gained the attention and respect of professional engineers. Just three years later, Paul and his cousin, Vinny Testa, launched Pro Sound News.

Cyril Maillot joined the SAVAREZ String Company in 1994 with a focus on updating the company’s computer system. He has held several positions over the years but now as CEO his main focus is on marketing their brand. Cyril has realized that the history of the company is very important to their customers and so he often recites the company history, which dates back to 1770.

Bernard Maillot’s grandfather was a musician and worked at the SAVAREZ String Company, as did his father after him. Bernard’s father saw the potential of a new market for strings and designed a series of packaging aimed to the jazz musicians of the 1930s and 40s. Bernard studied accounting in college and returned to the string company to work alongside his father in 1974.

Jeri Palumbo grew up in a very musical family. Like many of her relatives she is a multi-instrumentalist. She developed strong orchestration skills and played in a number of bands ranging from classical to rock.

Noel Lee recognized an opportunity to introduce high quality cables that would consistently provide the top-level audio signals to support high-end instruments and amplifiers. He had studied electrical engineering and at the time was working at Lawrence Livermore Labs in Northern California. By night he played drums in a number of local bands, one of which toured Hawaii.

Charles Lusso was repairing machines for Kodak and then went on the road as a musician for 3 years. When he returned Tony D’Andrea asked if he would help with some of the machines in the company. His sister, Rosemary D’Andrea, had married into the famous guitar pick family.

Denise Gallant designed a video-audio synthesizer that was years ahead of its time. Her love of visual art and music blended perfectly together when she and her husband, Kevin Monahan, formed their production company Video 4. She has worked with Peter Rodgers and at Zoom Audio and fell in love with video production.

Kevin Monahan began working at E-MU in 1980, at a very exciting time for synthesizer development. The sample boom was in full swing and Kevin enjoyed the opportunity to work on several innovative products. After twenty years with the company, Kevin joined forces with his wife, Denise Gallant, in establishing their own production company entitled Video 4.

Bryan Ottens began playing piano at an early age and studied music at William Paterson University. His first job in the industry was in the stock room at Victor’s House of Music, where he soon discovered his love of selling. Over time he found himself more and more on the sales floor and later left the stock room to sell keyboards and pro audio equipment.

Greg Herreman became the Front of House engineer at the Backdoor Club in San Diego while still in college. The venue attracted nationally known performers, which was a perfect training ground for Greg, who worked there from 1973-1978. He also worked sound for television programs and live events such as the San Diego Folk Festival and the 1984 Olympics.