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Davide Barbi is a co-founder and CTO of IK Multimedia, a software company he established with his friend Enrico iori. They created the first specialized guitar audio interfaces that culminated in 2010 with the iRig - the first iPhone and iPad guitar interface - and AmpliTube app.

Enrico Iori founded IK Multimedia in 1996 with his friend and partner Davide Barbi. Starting as a software company and becoming a pioneer during the growth of computer music led to today’s full in-the-box DAW systems.

Lokesh Oli established his first business in Nepal in 1996 in the printing field, which he expanded in 2003 to include digital printing. The experience of running his own company gave him the confidence to seek other opportunities. In 2007 he opened Oliz Music with a focus on electronics and pro audio equipment.

Aayush Bhattorai works for his uncle at Oliz Music in Nepal. The company specializes in providing pro audio and electronic equipment. Aayush, along with his uncle, Lokesh Oli, became the first NAMM members from Nepal to be interviewed for the NAMM Oral History Program.

CC Tsai’s father and uncle ran the family business, Marina Guitar Company, in Taiwan. Young CC worked in the factory but decided to form his own company. Team Intl was formed in 1990 and focused on OEM guitar and accessories. He expanded into China in 1994 and Indonesia in 2013.

Domingos Caeiro has always been interested in the mechanics of brass and woodwind instruments. He received training in Paris and moved to Portugal in the hopes of establishing his career. When he found it difficult to find work in other shops, he decided to open up his own.

Smaragda Chrysostomou is a board member of the International Society for Music Education and serves as an advocate throughout the world in such organizations as the International Coalition during each Anaheim NAMM Show.

Fernando Jimenez partnered with his wife, Andrea Fernandez, to open a music store in Bolivia. The store opened in 2015 with the goal of providing the gear local musicians need, ranging from the latest pro audio gear to traditional stringed instruments.

Andrea Fernandez and her business partner (and husband), Fernando Jimenez, opened a small music store to support local musicians. The company name, DON Bolivia, means a gift from above, which reflects their belief in the power of music. Her main focus is working with manufacturers, understanding their product lines and how they can help fulfill her customers’ needs.

Mark Schulman remembers seeing The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show when he was three. The moment he saw Ringo something resonated within him and he knew what he wanted to do. Mark started playing cello as a kid and slowly started learning how to play drums as well.