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David Angress has spent his career in the technology and specialty products markets, holding several senior executive positions in retail, manufacturing and installation segments at companies including Guitar Center, Harman, and Sound Genesis.

John Anning is the Executive Director of the Alliance of Independent Music Merchants (AIMM).  He began his career as a sales rep for the pro audio industry after growing up as a musician and falling in love with music.  His career as a rep expanded over the years and he came to understand the inner workings of music retailing, which serves him well as the director of AIMM.  Joh

Ron Anthony can be heard playing his jazz guitar on several classic recordings of George Shearing as well as on the top selling CD, Frank Sinatra’s “Duets.” His love of music goes back to his childhood and has remained in full force ever since those early days. In addition to performing, Ron is a music teacher and a songwriter.

Ray Anthony has only endorsed two products during his long and successful career-- only two because he doesn't give use of his name lightly. As a teenager he played trumpet for the famed Glenn Miller Orchestra during the swing era.

Rebecca Apodaca is the President of A & D Music Incorporated in Southern California, and is also an electric bass player. Her father and others such as Doc Kauffman (Leo Fender’s partner) and Bernardo Rico (BC Rich) taught her guitar repair. She grew up replacing strings and adjusting necks on guitars.

Carmine Appice looked up to drummers like Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich as he honed his talent and became an extremely successful rock drummer. Working with names like Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Rod Stewart to name a few, Carmine has served as a drum and percussion inspiration to a generation of rock drummers that followed him.

Vinny Appice began playing drums at a young age, just like his older brother Carmine. Vinny played drums ever since the age of eight and by age sixteen he was working with John Lennon! His influential career developed in the 1970s with a series of albums, and by 1980 joined the rock band Black Sabbath.

Shiro Arai is the founder of Aria Guitars, a Japanese electric guitar company that gained great international success in the wake of the Beatles invasion—both in America and (as some of us may forget) Japan.  Mr. Arai was an early pioneer of Japanese/American commerce, developing one dealer base that represented both countries.  When Mr.

Charlie Argall picked up a guitar and wanted to join a band the moment he heard the Beatles. He took lessons where he was introduced to his local music store, a place he found fascinating. He was drawn to the people and gear of the industry and later, when he had the opportunity to work in music wholesale, he jumped at the chance.

Rod Argent had an idea for a new sound, a new band in a new era of music. After creating a group and writing songs to perform and record, Rod’s dream of a new style of rock was born (with the help of his fellow countrymen, the Beatles).