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Jerry Puckett is a studio musician for Malaco Records in Jackson, Mississippi who played guitar on the hits “Groove Me” by King Floyd and “Mr. Big Stuff” by Jewel Bass, among many others. Jerry also performed on several historic albums over his long career including Remember Me by Willie Nelson and There Goes Rhymin' Simon by Paul Simon.

Luroy Hart was in the ninth grade when his family moved to Jackson, Mississippi. His father was a preacher and filled the home with music. Luroy picked up the bass horn and tuba with dreams of teaching music after earning his degree at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Terry Hart is well known at Mississippi Music for her expert saxophone repair skills. Students and professional musicians from around the state (and sometimes outside of Mississippi too) come to her for help with their beloved instrument. She majored in flute performance in college and taught music before she was hired to repair band and orchestra instruments.

Tommie Vaughn was just seven years old when his father purchased a piano. He played in church since age 11 and was inspired and encouraged by the church organist who also took time to show Tommie the technical side of playing.

Dr. John Hanbery joined the school band in the fourth grade in his hometown of Greenwood, Mississippi. He was encouraged and inspired by his band director, which is a strong reason why he perused the profession after attending Old Miss. Dr.

Raphael Semmes (pronounced Raf-yul) has fond memories of his mother singing as he was growing up. The feeling of her music became an inspiration for him and when he was given a Silvertone guitar, and he soon discovered that he could express himself with music as well.

Dawn Dixon formed Music Plus in Birmingham, Alabama with the goal of providing the same teaching opportunities for local vocalist that she was afforded. After a strong college experience and vocal training at the Dalrymple Agency in London (among others), Dawn created the teaching studio that grew to more than 20 teachers in three locations.

Jewel Bass is known for singing backup on countless Malaco recordings since 1969 and with her own band, These Days. She started singing in church, influenced by her uncles who sang in a gospel group. After joining an R&B band that toured the East Coast, she began singing for Malaco Records in Jackson, Mississippi.

Vince Massimino was surrounded by music growing up as both of his parents taught music. His father was also a composer who wrote educational music. As a result, Vince played in bands (with his father in the early days) at dances and for weddings, and he estimates he has performed at over 1,000 weddings!

CD Hagan has always been a believer in the benefits of the social aspects of being involved in a school band program. While playing in his college band, he met his wife and while teaching band, he witnessed first-hand friendships of a lifetime forming and the positive effects those relationships had, not only for the band, but for the students.